My Perfectly Imperfect Family

So it’s Saturday. The day we all crave at the end of work week. Some of us, like myself, work a very typical 9 AM – 6 PM Monday-Friday work week. Some, like my husband, work nights over 50 hours a week. I think it’s safe to say no matter what we do, we are exhausted by Friday and that the weekend just isn’t enough time to recoup.

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I wish I could say my day ended at 6 PM sometimes. Going straight home to relax in a bubble bath, with a Moscow mule, and begin binge watching whatever show on Netflix or Hulu I am obsessed with at the time. I have an amazing five year old boy that I pick up from an after school program just before the clock strikes six every school day. I then rush home to get dinner made in a timely fashion before HE gets to relax from school. Then with Pj’s, brushing teeth, reading 2 stories, setting the diffuser to a calming aroma and his favorite music to drown out whatever background noise may happen, it is finally his bedtime. And then there is our dog, Cooper, who I take care in the middle of every other daily task. Only after I let him out do I then get to relax while looking at the glorious disaster that is our apartment. With laundry piles, dirty dishes, unorganized papers, my brain never relaxes. Too many things would cause noise if I started cleaning, so I decide to watch an episode of something and go to bed.

When it’s not school or work, it’s T-Ball or doing whatever I can to entertain my son, taking my grandmother grocery shopping and running errands, and cleaning on the weekends. When my husband finally gets home on Saturday afternoons, it’s spending time with him and making sure his needs are met, with Sunday as our only family day together.

Hi, I’m Brittney Housley. My family consists of my wonderful son in Kindergarten (Dominic), loving husband (Dave), always around grandmother (Meemaw), and very hyper over-loving 8 month old puppy, Cooper. We live in the metro-Denver area and have very normal unglamorous full time jobs. I am an assistant property manager of a renovated apartment community, and my husband is a CDL truck driver. We live in a cozy 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment and have what feels like ZERO free time.

Every family has a dynamic that looks something like this. Single parents (which I was at one point), complete families, those with extended families living with them, those who live in houses, have multiple pets. Every family is unique, which is what makes parenting so hard. People try to seek advice from others that will simply never work for their family.

My hope with this is that people see our imperfect family and realize that they are not alone. If you can take one small thing away, whether it’s something to try with your family or even a small feeling of comfort, then I will be happy. All too often I see Pinterest posts and blogs on topics such as “How my family of 4 survives on $30k a year!” that, for probably more than 50% of the country, is completely is unrealistic. Posting a couple of times a week about our family life is sure to make you feel better 😉

With that in mind, who else has a perfectly imperfect family? If so, I would love to hear what your family dynamic is like.

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